Welcome to the official website of the

Nanojoining & Microjoining (NMJ) Association


The NMJ Association is a non-profit international association, which strives to:

  • push the development of Nanojoining and Microjoining as a new scientific discipline and technology
  • bring together experts from academia and industry to stimulate know-how exchange and international collaborations in the field of Nanojoining and Microjoining
  • organize education and training events on Nanojoining and Microjoining technologies
  • provide guidelines for the organization of NMJ Conferences, such as:
    • evaluate and select the venue of upcoming NMJ Conference
    • disseminate and communicate the NMJ Conferences' outcome in special issues of peer-reviewed journals
    • evaluate and assign NMJ Student Travel Grants for attending the NMJ conference
    • nominate and grant NMJ Awards for outstanding scientific achievements achievement in the field